Merlien Institute Pte. Ltd

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Our Mission & Vision

Founded in 2008, the Merlien Institute is a young competent enterprise with a mission to efficiently respond to the information and networking needs of insight, marketing research and innovation professionals.

By the end of 2011, the Merlien Institute has become one of the most active facilitators of information generation and in channelling best practices in the industry. The Merlien Institute has established a central role in linking insight, research and innovation professionals around the world through global and regional conference events, namely Market Research in the Mobile World®, Qualitative 360®, Insight Valley® and Smart Data Innovation® events.

Envisioning 2013, the Merlien Institute is committed to broadening the exchange of best practices and information sharing through a multitude of information generation and networking channels including small and large scale events, exhibitions and publications.

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